Multimodal channel cancer chemotherapy by 2D functional gadolinium metal–organic framework


论文题目:Multimodal channel cancer chemotherapy by 2D functional gadolinium metal–organic framework

论文作者:Jiale Xia, Yumeng Xue, Bo Lei, Lingling Xu, Mingzi Sun, Na Li, Hongyang Zhao, Min Wang, Meng Luo, Chao Zhang, Bolong Huang*, Yaping Du*, Chun-Hua Yan

发表期刊:National Science Review, 8(7), nwaa221, 2021    


2D nanomaterials generally exhibit enhanced physiochemical and  biological functions in biomedical applications due to their high  surface-to-volume ratio and surface charge. Conventional cancer  chemotherapy based on nanomaterials has been hindered by their low drug  loading and poor penetration in tumor tissue. To overcome these  difficulties, novel materials systems are urgently needed. Hereby, the  lanthanide-based porphyrin metal-organic framework (MOF) nanosheets  (NSs) with promising cancer imaging/chemotherapy capacities are  fabricated, which display superior performance in the drug loading and  tumor tissue penetration. The biodegradable PPF-Gd NSs deliver an  ultrahigh drug loading (>1500%) and demonstrate the stable and highly  sensitive stimuli-responsive degradation/release for multimodal tumor  imaging and cancer chemotherapy. Meanwhile, PPF-Gd NSs also exhibit  excellent fluorescence and magnetic resonance imaging capability in  vitro and in vivo. Compared to the traditional doxorubicin (DOX)  chemotherapy, the in vivo results confirm the evident suppression of the  tumor growth by the PPF-Gd/DOX drug delivery system with negligible  side effects. This work further supports the potential of  lanthanide-based MOF nanomaterials as biodegradable systems to promote  the cancer theranostics technology development in the future.