Coord Chem Rev


论文题目:Recent advances about metal–organic frameworks in the removal of pollutants from wastewater
论文作者:Qiang Gao, Jian Xu*, Xian-He Bu*
发表期刊:Coord Chem Rev, 2018, in press   [ pdf ]

Water pollution is one of the most serious worldwide problems that endangers the survival and development of human society. Therefore, the effective and efficient removal of contaminants from water has become a hot topic. As a fast-growing branch of coordination chemistry, metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) with tailorable porous structures and numerous active sites have proved to be ideal adsorbents or photocatalysts for water purification. In this review, recent advances in the removal and degradation of water pollutants by MOFs are highlighted. In addition, the challenges and prospects in this active field are also briefly discussed.