Strong Magnetic–Dielectric Synergistic Gradient Metamaterials for Boosting Superior Multispectral Ultra-Broadband Absorption with Low-Frequency Compatibility


论文题目:Strong Magnetic–Dielectric Synergistic  Gradient Metamaterials for Boosting Superior Multispectral  Ultra-Broadband Absorption with Low-Frequency Compatibility

论文作者:Wen-Le MaXiao-Yan LiuTian-Yue YangJian-Bin WangZheng-Rong QiuZhi-Hao CaiPei-Jia BaiXin-Yi JiYi Huang*

发表期刊:Adv. Funct. Mater.2024, 2314046


The construction of 3D porous structures and metamaterials (MMs) is the  most promising approaches to achieve broadband electromagnetic wave  (EMW) absorption. However, it is still a huge challenge to achieve  multispectral ultra-broadband EMW absorption properties compatible with  low-frequency band (L- and S-band) due to its ultralong wavelength and  strong bypass capability. Herein, magnetic–dielectric synergistic  gradient MMs (MDSGM) consisting of oriented flaky carbonyl iron (FCI)  film and periodical RGO/CNT/CNF aerogel (GTFA) array are demonstrated.  Benefiting from the synergistic effect of strong magnetic–dielectric  loss, structural loss, and excellent impedance matching, MDSGM harvests  an exciting multispectral ultra-broadband EMW absorption performance  with a remarkable effective absorption bandwidth covering the whole  measured frequency of 1–40, 50–110 GHz, and 0.1–2.0 THz for the first  time. The minimum RL (RLmin) reaches −40.24 dB and  average RL is up to −19.3 dB (98.8% EMW being absorbed) in microwave  band. Moreover, this multispectral ultra-broadband EMW absorption  property is less affected by the incident angle. This work pioneered  realization of multispectral ultra-broadband EMW absorption compatible  with low-frequency, which provides a great thrust for the development of  stealth technology in the upcoming smart era.