The objectives of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Nankai University are to develop world-class research-based materials scientists and engineers, and to conduct world-class research on the manufacture, structure, performance and applications of materials for the benefit of China and the international community.


The postgraduate program provides master’s or Ph.D. degree education in Materials Science and Engineering, with an average enrollment of about 60 MSc students and 35 Ph.D. students per year. Students will be expected to attend lectures and academic conferences. In addtion, students will attend some practical courses and complete a literature review assignment, which is based on the introduction to modern methods for the structural and chemical characterization of materials. Students also need to take industry courses and undertak a transferable skill choice.


The postgraduate program emphasizes multidisciplinary research in a variety of fields, including new energy material chemistry, new catalytic materials, carbon nanomaterials and polymer composites, optical, electrical and magnetic materials, photonics/electronic materials, rare earth and inorganic functional materials. The objective is to concentrate on the strength of the college and the resources of the school, and give full play to the role of materials and chemistry, physics, biology, environment, electronic information and other disciplines to realize interdisciplinary professional courses. Optimized curriculum system promote the construction of new engineering, and form the training plan of new material talents with Nankai characteristics. The implementation of graduate classification training, academic masters focus on the cultivation of innovation ability and international competitiveness of academic postgraduates; professional maters highlight the combination of production, learning and research, implement the responsibility of enterprise practice and enterprise tutor, and cultivate the ability of knowledge transfer and practical innovation. The program aims to enable young scientists and engineers to contribute to cutting-edge research, while gaining  in-depth understanding of foreign materials science and engineering, thus giving graduates with the intellectual and practical tools necessary forfuture research careers in either industry or academia.