Research Area

Research InstituteDirectorMain Research Area

Institute of New Energy
Material Chemistry

LI, Guoran

Rechargeable Battery; Hybrid Solar Cells;

Solar Rechargeable Battery; 

Electrochemical Conversion and Storage of Energy

Institute of New Catalytic
Materials Science

YUAN, Zhongyong

Novel Molecular Sieve and Porous Materials;

Heterogeneous Asymmetric Catalysis; Photocatalysis; 

Recycling of Solid Waste; Organic Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Research Center for
Rare Earth and Inorganic
Functional Materials

YAN, Chunhua

Rare Earth based Materials and Devices:


Research Center for
Optical, Electrical, and
Magnetic Materials

LI, Wei

Inorganic-organic Hybrid Materials; Molecular Materials;

Phase Transitions

Research Center for
Carbon Nanotechnology
& Polymer Composites


Smart Polymer Materials and Devices;

Functional Nanocomposite, Printed Electronics, 

Wearable Electronics

Research Center for
Photonics and Electronics

SUN, Jiaming

Nanoscale Electronic Materials and Devices;

 Silicon-based Light-Emitting devices;  

Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposition Technique