Self-sustaining personal all-day thermoregulatory clothing using only sunlight


论文题目:Self-sustaining personal all-day thermoregulatory clothing using only sunlight

论文作者:Zi-Yuan Wang, Yi-Wen Bo, Pei-Jia Bai, Shu-Chao Zhang, Guang-Hui Li, Xiang-Jian Wan, Yong-Sheng Liu*, Ru-Jun Ma*, and Yong-Sheng Chen*

发表期刊:Science382, 1291–1296 (2023)


The human body must stay within a certain temperature range for comfort and safety. However, challenges for thermoregulatory clothing exist for harsh application scenarios, such as full day/night cycles, frigid polar regions, and space travel. We developed a flexible and sustainable personal thermoregulatory clothing system by integrating a flexible organic photovoltaic (OPV) module to directly acquire energy from sunlight and bidirectional electrocaloric (EC) devices. The flexible OPV-EC thermoregulatory clothing (OETC) can extend the human thermal comfort zone from 22°–28°C to 12.5°–37.6°C with a fast thermoregulation rate. The low energy consumption and high efficiency of the EC device allows for 24 hours of controllable and dual-mode thermoregulation with 12 hours of sunlight energy input. This self-powered wearable thermoregulatory platform has a simple structure, compact design, high efficiency, and strong self-adaptability with sunlight as the sole energy source.