Highly Stretchable Carbon Nanotubes/Polymer Thermoelectric Fibers


论文题目:Highly Stretchable Carbon Nanotubes/Polymer Thermoelectric Fibers

论文作者:Chunyang Zhang, Quan Zhang, Ding Zhang, Mengyan Wang, Yiwen Bo, Xiangqian Fan, Fengchao Li, Jiajie Liang, Yi Huang, Rujun Ma*, Yongsheng Chen

发表期刊:Nano Letters, 21(2), 1047-1055, 2021    


Thermoelectric (TE) technology  provides a new way to directly harvest and convert the heat continuously  released from the human body. The greatest challenge for TE materials  applied in wearable TE generators is compatible with the constantly  changing morphology of the human body while offering a continuous and  stable power output. Here, a stretchable carboxylic single-walled carbon  nanotube (SWNT)-based TE fiber is prepared by an improved wet-spinning  method. The stable Seebeck coefficient of the annealed carboxylic  SWNT-based TE fiber is 44 mu V/K even under the tensile strain of  similar to 30%. Experimental results show that the fiber can continue to  generate constant TE potential when it is changed to various shapes.  The new stretchable TE fiber has a larger Seebeck coefficient and more stretchability than existing TE fibers based on the Seebeck effect, opening a path to using the technology for a variety of practical applications.