Based on the separation chemistry of rare earth and chemical fabrications, our research is focused on the control of the structure and microstructure, particle size and its distribution, morphology, and surface and interface of rare earth functional materials, so as to modify and enhance the behaviors. At present, our topics of research are as follows:
(1) Optimized design and automation of rare earth separation processes;
(2) Self-assembly of the rare earth molecular materials;
(3) Fabrication and characterization of the nanosized rare earth functional materials.


B.Sc.(1982), M.Sc.(1985), Ph.D.(1988), Peking University; Lecturer (1988-89), Associate Professor (1989-91), Professor (1991-present), State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Materials Chemistry and Applications, Peking University; Senior Visiting Fellow (1992, RS of UK); Visiting Professor (1993, JSPS of Japan; Visiting Professor (1995, KIST of Korea). 

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2009), Vice-President of Nankai Univerisity (Since 2016).

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