Heterogeneous catalysis


MOFs catalysis

vEducation Background

        1990-1994Nankai Universitybachelor’s degree

        1994-1997Nankai UniversityMaster’s degree

        1999-2002Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Doctor’s  Degree

        2002-2004Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Post-doctor


vProfessional Experience

        2004-2015College of Chemistry, Nankai UniversityAssociate Professor

        2015-presentSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, Nankai UniversityAssociate Professor

Representative results

1.      Confined heteropoly blues in defected Zr-MOF (Bottle around ship) for high-efficiency oxidative desulfurization, X. Chang, X. F. Yang, Y. Qiao, S. Wang, M. H. Zhang, J. Xu, D. H. Wang*, X. H. Bu*, Small, 2020, 1906432.

2.      Synergistic effect of Zr-MOF on phosphomolybdic acid promotes efficient oxidative desulfurizationX. M. Zhang, Z. H. Zhang, B. H. Zhang, X. F. Yang, X. Chang, Z. Zhou, D. H. Wang*, M. H. Zhang*, X. H. Bu, Appl. Catal. B: Environ.2019, 256, 117804-117813.

3.      Nitrogen-doped carbon shell-confined Ni3S2 composite nanosheets derived from Ni-MOF for high performance sodium-ion battery anodes, W. Shuang, H. Huang, L. J. Kong, M. Zhong, A. Li, D. H. Wang*, Y. H. Xu, X. H. Bu*, Nano Energy2019, 62, 154-163.

4.      Ultrathin 2D Ni-UMOF composites for highly efficient 4-nitrophenol hydrogenation, X. F. Yang, R. J. Xiong, X. Chang, S. Wang, Z. Ding, Q. W. Li, D. H. Wang*, M. H. Zhang*, ChemistrySelect2019, 4, 14300-14308.

5.      Facile synthesis of ZnS and derived quantum dots from ZIF-8 precursor: Synthesis, characterization and optical properties, W. Shuang, A. Li, D. H. Wang*, Z. Chang*, J. Solid State Chem.2019, 276, 159-163.

6.      Electronic structure of heterojunction MoO2/g-C3N4 catalyst for oxidative desulfurization, K. Chen, X. M. Zhang, X. F. Yang, M. G. Jiao, Z. Zhou, M. H. Zhang*, D. H. Wang*, X. H. Bu, Appl. Catal. B: Environ.2018, 238, 263-273.

7.      Rational design of Co embedded N,S-codoped carbon nanoplates as anode materials for high performance lithium-ion batteries, W. Shuang, L. J. Kong, M. Zhong, D. H. Wang*, J. Liu, X. H. Bu*, Dalton Trans.2018, 47, 12385-12392.

8.      Oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene over monoclinic VO2 phase-transition catalysts, K. Chen, N. Liu, M. H. Zhang*, D. H. Wang*, Appl. Catal. B: Environ.2017, 212, 32-40.